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waterproof connectors

waterproof connectors

Western electronics market Focus on Waterproof connectors technology

With the consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications end markets and the rapid growth of global production capacity of waterproof connectors and China continue to shift to Asia, the Asian market has become waterproof connectors where the most potential, and China will become the world's fastest growing waterproof connectors and the capacity of the largest markets.

It is estimated that China's waterproof connectors future market growth rate will continue to exceed the global average, the next 5 years, China waterproof connectors of the market size will reach 15% average annual growth rate, by 2010, China's market capacity will reach 257 waterproof connectors billion.

The main power waterproof connectors supporting areas of transportation, communications, networking, IT, medical, home appliances, matching the level of product technology areas and the rapid development of the rapid growth of the market, a strong traction with waterproof connectors technology. So far, waterproof connectors has developed into a complete product range, rich in variety specification, structure type and diverse, major segments, industry characteristics significantly, the standard system of norms and professional series of products.

waterproof connectors technology presents high-speed signal transmission and digital signal transmission of various tru_1wt types of integration, product miniaturization of small volume, low cost products, surface mount contacts manner of termination, module combination, inserted pull out the characteristics and so convenient. At the same time in different areas and different use of the environment supporting the waterproof connectors, the demand for technology is entirely different.

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