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Scaffolding Fastener Security Features

Breaking Excellent - cold steel

Advanced structure, steel plate cold forming, strength and toughness than the national standards and international standards, complete elimination of the cast iron fracture caused old fasteners for fastening the collapsed scaffolding accidents.

Sliding excellent - large area of surface fitting

Ensure the surface of steel and scaffolding was fit fastener state, and fitting the largest, to overcome the old fasteners and steel was the point or line fitting, eliminating the slippage of the hidden pipe, thus ensuring and improving the overall mechanical properties of the scaffold and safety performance.

Strong anti-off - the new connection

Ensure that variations in the case of steel pipe, scaffolding fasteners always be able to correctly and securely fixed vertically, eliminating the possibility of pipe slippage.

Strong anti-rust - shield treatment

After the whole double passivation and anti-corrosion zinc treatment, the anti-corrosion ability was greatly enhanced, far more than the old life of fasteners.

Fast Light - Structure

Scaffolding Fasteners light, beautiful, comfortable, to speed loading and unloading, reduce labor intensity.

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