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Hey, nice work! But I do have a few tiny nags... :P

Firstly, when cropping images, try getting the full border so it looks more like the others. For example, I replaced this:!85_9.png

with this:

And secondly, your line breaking style, although perhaps in some ways clearer than ours, is still different from what's been used for most of the comics so far and therefore it'd be easier if you adjusted to the established style than the other way around. The differences can be seen here.

And another thing from there - the comma at the end of the last onomatopoeia. It's probably a typo, but there was another guy here who kept leaving a spare comma there on pretty much every transcription he made and it kept messing up the links :P

So anyway, have fun! And don't forget to join the other fans on the forum!

--Justas 00:59, 17 May 2006 (PDT)

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