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P.C. in his senior year.
Name: Patrick Charles "pcj" Johnston (A.K.A. "P.C.")
Birthdate: April 30, 1987
Location: Tulsa, OK, USA
Occupation: Student, owner of computer company
Contributions: Pcj's contributions

After discovering his fondness for the computer at an extremely early time, as well as his skill typing DOS commands, P.C. then discovered the Internet (The nickname "P.C." stuck even before computers were popularized-it resonates even more so now). P.C. also enjoyed the original Star Trek, as well as the new show appearing at that time, and Space Quest was most certainly a parody of those shows. He went on to discover programming and developed "primitive" games and other programs for BASIC, later also experimenting in C, C++, FORTRAN, PASCAL, etc. This led to (after the advent of the Internet) website design, work in Visual BASIC, Visual C++, C#, etc. His early years with computers, as well as helping out in the family computer store, led P.C. to investigate into the matter of designing and building computers himself, eventually becoming an OEM System Builder, in a now rather common partnership with Microsoft.

His experience with computers and overt geniality led to some companies requesting his services. Through a few of these, expertise in 3D modelling and animation was helpful, so P.C. acquired a bit of talent in 3D design and animation, as well. His experience with the early computer-particularly with the fast typing rate and mathematical computations-also led to experience in some fields of music, first in piano, and later in bagpipes and accordion, as well as some others. He recently earned a 35 on the ACT and a 1560 on the SAT I, and was also named a National Merit Semifinalist.

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