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[[Image:3_2.png|frame|He apparantly want privacy.]]
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In [[Comic 3]], as [[Beaver]] is about to inspect [[Steve|Steve's]] stomach a Top Hat Guy emerges from Steve's mouth and states "Hey pal, how about a little goddam privacy?"<br>
In [[Comic 3]], as [[Beaver]] is about to inspect [[Steve|Steve's]] stomach a Top Hat Guy emerges from Steve's mouth and states "Hey pal, how about a little goddam privacy?"<br>

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He apparantly want privacy.

In Comic 3, as Beaver is about to inspect Steve's stomach a Top Hat Guy emerges from Steve's mouth and states "Hey pal, how about a little goddam privacy?"

Later, in Comic 35, it is come to be known that there is also a demon living in Steve's stoumach.
Later again, in Comic 102 we get a look inside's Steve's Digestive Tract, yet catch no glimpse of Top Hat Guy. It is presumed he has moved out somewhere between Comic 3 and Comic 35, since he did not get the goddam privacy he wanted.

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