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[[Image:97_1.png|frame|The Three Judges have completed the judgment]]
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The Three Judges were characters that Steve met during his unfeasible afterlife adventure in [[Comic 95]] through [[Comic 97]]. They consist of:
The Three Judges were characters that Steve met during his unfeasible afterlife adventure in [[Comic 95]] through [[Comic 97]]. They consist of:

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The Three Judges have completed the judgment

The Three Judges were characters that Steve met during his unfeasible afterlife adventure in Comic 95 through Comic 97. They consist of:

  • The Owl - seems to be their leader
  • The Squid - friendly and easy-going, likes to eat skittles
  • The Red Ball - says 'BEEEEE' a lot and conjures the Orb of Visions; later explodes with a BLAMF

They evaluated Steve's life as Totally Not Awesome and handed him over to the Afterlife Guide.

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