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How gantry erection of scaffolding?

Span gantry scaffolding shall conform to meet the requirements and specifications with the support and cross; mast pole spacing from the wall should not be greater than 150mm; greater than 150mm within the scaffolding to be taken away from the port plate or other protective security measures .

Inner and outer sides of the door frame cross braces shall be provided and should be on the pole with the door frame latch locks securely; the upper and lower specimens of the assembly of door frame and lock to set the connection rod arm, connecting rod diameter should be less than the pole diameter 1 ~ 2mm. The operating level in the scaffolding should be a continuous paved with the door frame supporting the hanging button scaffold board, and fasten the bezel to prevent the scaffold board off and loose.

When the scaffolding erection height H ≤ 45m, the height along the scaffolding, the level should be at least two steps of a frame set; when the scaffolding erection height H> 45m pm. Each step should be a level set framework; regardless how high scaffolding, scaffolding should be in the corner and stopped at the end of a span of one set each step within the level set in its level within the frame should be set straight;

When the door scaffolding height of more than 20m should be in the scaffolding outside the level of every 4 steps to set a reinforcement bar, and even walls should be in a horizontal layer set pieces; set of longitudinal reinforcement bars should be continuous, and the formation of the level of closed loop; step in the door frame scaffolding at the end of the bottom rod should seal the door frame of the inner and outer sides should be set through a long sweeping bar; standard reinforcing bar fastening with the door frame should be anchored pole.

In construction of the door frame is not complete shall not be mixed with the components on the same scaffolding. Door frame should be installed from one end to the other end of the extension, and step by step to change the direction of erection may not be relative to. Take a step frame finish, should check and adjust the level of degree and vertical degree. scaffolding around the building should be along a continuous, simultaneous erection increased around the building to form a closed structure; if not closed, even in the scaffolding should be added at both ends of the wall pieces.

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