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Beaver and Steve watching the sun.

Source of all life on earth, and a fair amount of mischief, in comics 190 and 205. Looking directly at him is inadvisable as it encourages him in his childish antics.

A bookshelf in Beaver and Steve's house was a stage for this attention seeking ball of plasma until Steve BROOMed him off, probably fatally. Suprisingly, for a body whose surface is millions of degrees in temperature, he makes a THUDD as it hits the ground, rather than a carpet burning FLOOMF.

The sun isn't a big fan of stamps, but is a talented juggler.

The poor reception to the above from Beaver and Steve may have triggered a career move: In Comic 210 he can be seen illuminating the world from his vantage point in the sky. This seems to be going well for him, as he remains there in Comic 212 and appears there again in Comic 270.

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