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Stu, from Comic 99

After Steve died from Beaver's flimsy anvil shelf in Comic 90, his position as Beaver's best (living) friend was almost immediately filled by a similar-looking reptilian creature named Stu, while Steve began his unfeasible afterlife adventure. Stu has many of the characteristics of Steve, but there are differences, such as:

  • He is colored slightly differently.
  • His version of Emotibot produces ice cream without causing bodily harm.
  • He hides from the Fun Elf rather than Steve's Shoe Goblin.
  • He has fewer unfeasible adventures than Steve.
  • He is not as close to Beaver as is Steve; only a few strips after his first appearance, he left Beaver for Capybara.

It is yet unknown what happens to Stu after he leaves Beaver.

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