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Ukka ukka!

Stevean is a mysterious language, spoken roughly 10 million years ago by the ancestors of Steve, as seen in Comic 144.

Only a few phrases are known so far:

"Uk-a-chunk Steve"
- "Hello Steve"
"Urga-rok Steve"
- "Hi there Steve"
"Ukka Ukka!"
- "Oh no! Sky-octopus!"
"Dok Tokoka!"
- "Hooray! My detachable tail saves me again! I survive to pass on this trait to my progeny!"
"Mukunga Uk!"
- "Alas! My inferior genetic legacy ends here!"
"Onka Mok"
- "To be continued."


It is proposed that the construction of the language is highly unusual and is based largely upon the environment. Since the proper noun "Steve" is untranslated, we may infer that "Steve" in this instance is actually a pronoun (such as "you"). Also, the letter 'k' occurs more often in the given sample, leading us to believe the speakers of Stevean had a limited alphabet. Given the use of the tongue in conjunction with the teeth to effect these hard sounds, the wear upon their teeth would be much less distributed, possibly even indicating that their teeth were constantly replacing themselves, much as sharks' teeth do. The Steveans also use simple words which are translated into complex English phrases, perhaps demonstrating that context played a large part in their speech.

Considering that a Stevean phrase including "Uk!" is translated to an English phrase including "Alas!" and a phrase including "Ukka!" is translated into a phrase including "Oh no!", it seems likely that the "Uk-" prefix indicates distress, and since the Sky-octopus was probably the biggest predator of Steveans, "Ukka ukka!" would certainly describe at first the extreme feeling of distress the speaker was feeling when encountering the Sky-octopus and later develop through excessive usage into a more esoteric translation. Since the "uk" prefix has been demonstrated to be an expression of distress or dismay, "Uk-a-chunk" meaning "Hello" could indicate that this greeting developed through a fear of encountering someone, even a member of the same species, unless the "-a-chunk" suffix negates the "uk-" connotation of dismay, giving us something to the effect of "I am not at all dismayed by seeing you" or, "Good to see you".

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