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[[Image:144_5.png|frame|Ukka ukka!]]
[[Image:144_5.png|frame|Ukka ukka!]]
Onomatopoeia used when a [[Steve]] snatches a trident from a [[Satan]], much like in [[Comic 18]], or when the [[Sky-Octopus]] snatches [[Steve's ancestors]] in [[Comic 144]].
* Onomatopoeia used when a [[Steve]] SNATCHes a trident from a [[Satan]] in [[Comic 18]].
* Sound heard as the [[Shoe Goblin]] SNATCHes his shoe back in [[Comic 62]].
* Sound heard when the [[Sky-Octopus]] SNATCHes [[Steve's ancestors]] in [[Comic 144]].
* Also heard as Steve SNATCHes the contract back to make sure the one signing in not the Shoe Goblin in [[Comic 209]].

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Ukka ukka!
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