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Notable Storylines

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

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This story arc, involving Beaver and Steve's unfeasible adventure at the Zoo, features Steve's first known experience with pandas, poisonous bears, and evil beavers. Steve's experience at the zoo ends in disaster when he fails to follow Beaver's advice: "Penguins belong in the zoo."

Rupert Hits The Town

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When Rupert, enlarged as a result of exposure to microwave radiation, starts destroying large buildings, it's up to Beaver and Steve to stop him. Their quest to find a shoe large enough to defeat the giant Rupert inevitably leads them to the Shoe Goblin, who has an evil agenda of his own...

Steve's Unfeasible Afterlife Adventure

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When Steve is tragically killed by Beaver's flimsy anvil shelf, he must find his way through the netherworld. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's going to the "good place..."

Meanwhile, Beaver befriends Stu, who bears uncanny similarities to Steve. Stu appears to be a better friend than Steve in every possible way, but appearances can be misleading...

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