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Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

From Comic 23 to Comic 28

This story arc, involving Beaver and Steve's unfeasible adventure at the Zoo, features Steve's first known experience with pandas, poisonous bears, and evil beavers. Steve's experience at the zoo ends in disaster when he fails to follow Beaver's advice: "Penguins belong in the zoo."

Rupert Hits The Town

From Comic 55 to Comic 70

When Rupert T. Roach, enlarged as a result of exposure to microwave radiation, starts destroying large buildings, it's up to Beaver and Steve to stop him. Their quest to find a shoe large enough to defeat the giant Rupert inevitably leads them to the Shoe Goblin, who has an evil agenda of his own...

Steve's Unfeasible Afterlife Adventure

From Comic 90 to Comic 106

When Steve is tragically killed by Beaver's flimsy anvil shelf, he must find his way through the netherworld. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's going to the "good place..."

Meanwhile, Beaver befriends Stu, who bears uncanny similarities to Steve. Stu appears to be a better friend than Steve in every possible way, but soon turns out to be "too good to be true". Anyhoo, in the end, Beaver manages to revive Steve using his toy voodoo kit and they have a happy ending. Until the delivery of bees arrives, that is.


From Comic 113 to Comic 119

When somebody eats all of his Sugar Frosted Bamboo Puffs, Steve attempts to catch the culprit red-handed, but instead discovers a full-scale panda infestation in their kitchen. They soon find the nest and inside it, the Panda queen. Beaver nearly manages to solve the infestation problem via diplomacy, but Steve refuses to leave it like that and decides to interpret the meaning of "diplomacy" in his own kind of way...

Beaver vs Steve

From Comic 123 to Comic 130

The first guest comic storyline in Beaver and Steve, made by Stan. The story involves gigantic-sized Beaver and Steve destroying a large city (possibly inspired by the end of the "Rupert hits the town" storyline.) and a mayor and a general trying to stop them. After the mayor fails to cope with the problem, the general declares martial law and gets full power, only to be revealed to have planned it all along - The gigantic Beaver and Steve were actually robots controlled by the general. After making the robots self-destruct, the general is praised as a hero, while the mayor's story ends in front of the firing squad.

The storyline was surrounded by much controversy - by taking a slightly more serious theme and not including a punchline in each episode, many complained about this guest series deviating too much from the traditional Beaver and Steve style and the story progressing too slowly. But what many neglected to take into account was the fact that they were given five strips a week instead of the usual two and without Stan, there would have been no new comics during the period, as James was busy moving.

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