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The Manager

The suspicious-looking fast food restaurant manager is another appearance of the Moustache Guy. He appeared in Comic 138 as he left Beaver and Steve in charge of the restaurant and quickly made off to Brazil, as one would assume from the label on his suitcase.

However, instead of departing the country (unless Beaver and Steve live in Brazil, that is), he staged a series of challenging tests for Beaver and Steve, mainly consisting of things like the restaurant being the centre of all the evil in the universe and disguising himself as Old Man McWeasel (from McWeasel Burgers across the road) who was in turn disguised as an Evil Hamburger that killed a kid and a customer.

Beaver and Steve bravely passed all the tests, but got slightly carried away and ripped off the Manager's head as well, thinking it was yet another mask.

May he rest in peace, and may his tragic story be a reminder for all the fast-food restaurant managers over the world to always wear sturdy neck protection whilst testing their employees' abilites to handle extreme situtations. Amen.

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