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Latest comic: 342 +/-

Beaver and Steve (short for The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve) is a popular webcomic by James Turner. The comic, which debuted on September 10, 2004 and has continued since on a semi-weekly basis, chronicles the bizarre and humorous escapades of Steve, a green reptilian creature, and the aptly-named Beaver.

This wiki started off as an experiment, but now serves the basis for the BnS comic transcription search engine, available from the archive page, as well as the side-project of translating the comics to Finnish, French, Polish, and Swedish (and possibly to other languages as well, in the future).

And aside from that, it also functions as any other wiki, containing transcriptions, fun facts, references, connections and various other bits of information many might miss while just browsing the comics the "traditional" way.

Here are a few links to get you started:

If you're new to wikis, a good place to start would be the MediaWiki User's Guide.

Also, here is a link to Beaver and Steve Wikipedia article.

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