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The kitchen infested by pandas.

The kitchen in Beaver and Steve's house has been featured, at least partially, in many of the comics.

  • In Comic 48, Steve went to the kitchen to find something to open a can of ham with. He wandered past a knife, a meat cleaver and an axe on a wall, a Human Can-Opener on a display and finally found an Excalibur-like sword wedged in a stone, which he didn't remember having seen in there before.
  • In Comic 55, Steve was just about to use the microwave to heat up an egg, when Beaver stopped him, saying that some things will explode in there. After which Steve microwaved Rupert, who became mutated and then went on to smash the city.
  • In Comic 86, Beaver was washing the dishes, quite likely in the kitchen.
  • In Comic 113, Steve discovered a panda infestation in the kitchen. Shortly after that, they found the panda nest next to the fridge.
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