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The Golem first appeared in Comic 120. Steve molded him out of a pile of gray clay that Beaver poured out onto a table from his "bag o' clay". The Golem has short stubby legs, long handless arms that look like tentacles and looks like it is constantly wet. The Golem appears very philosophical, asking Steve why he created him. It is very reverant of it's creator as well, noting that he is benevolent after Steve gives him rabbit ears.

By the time Comic 227 rolls around, the Golem is feeling very lonely, and asks Steve to create a companion for it so it can know what it is to be 'happy'. Steve creates a little car, which is apparently a perfect companion for it.

Fun Facts

  • Vases are crappy.
  • Beaver probably buys his craft supplies from a magical art shop.
  • When Golems are brought to life they make the sound "GLLAAA"
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