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The use of construction scaffolding basket

The current basket of the more manually, which has the demolition convenient, does not account for space, affordable and so on. Amorphous basket design manual, scaffolding the current produced by the access permission of the manufacturers of construction machinery production, the quality of their products must meet the industry standard "construction safety inspection standards" and "high job security rules basket" provisions.

Construction unit according to "construction site safety equipment and mechanical equipment supervision and management regulations" used by the construction safety oversight bodies recommended by the identification of qualified basket scaffolding, no matter what kind of basket scaffolding, must be on the basket and the cantilever beam structure the strength and rigidity checking, checking wire rope safety factors, and the next higher level for approval. Production and assembly erection, should strengthen technical safety supervision and strict quality inspection, the superior technology, quality, security and put into use after passing inspection, to ensure safe construction.

General construction scaffolding basket both manual and electric points. External construction basket scaffolding as construction scaffolding, and take the pipe outside wall full of scaffolding, compared with the erection of speed, save a lot of scaffolding materials, labor-saving, easy operation, flexibility, good technical and economic benefits and so on.

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