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MySpace Profile: Emotibot

"Will you be my friend?"

Gender: Male
Age: 17 years old
Location: New Malden, Surrey, United Kingdom
Status: Single
(T)here for: Friends
Orientation: Not Sure
Hometown: New Malden
Ethnicity: Other
Body type: 4' 10"
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Children: Love kids, but not for me
Occupation: robot
Interests: Becoming human, Making friends
Fav. movies: Short Circuit, Electric Dreams, Bladerunner
Fav. television: Friends
Fav. books: Frankenstein, I, Robot
Heroes: Johnny 5, Data

Emotibot, a robot created by Steve in Comic 2, is capable of feeling complex emotions. However, he doesn't experience these emotions automatically; he (or a third party) must manually push a button on Emotibot's control panel that corresponds to a certain emotion (though for unexplained reasons, these buttons seem to change completely on a strip-to-strip basis). Since Emotibot's emotions are so easily changed, his behavior is highly erratic; he experiences frequent mood swings.

During Emotibot's nascent period, he experienced a few glitches, sometimes blasting Beaver in the face with powerful death rays. In addition, Emotibot once produced baked goods such as toast and bagels, but this function seems to have disappeared.

In Comic 111, Steve built a new robot friend for himself and then decided it could replace one of his existing ones. Even though the new friend resembled Beaver in many ways, he decided to throw Emotibot out the door. Since then, he has only made two appearances, both without Beaver and/or Steve - The flashback in Comic 200 and his own spin-off adventure series in Comic 244.


Here's a list of emotions or states that Emotibot has shown to be capable of:

Other facts

  • Emotibot is friends with the Shoe Goblin on MySpace, even though they've never met in the comic.
    • As of December 9, 2006, he has 96 friends there, but is still looking for more.
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