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Cyber-Spook's true origins.

This terrifying ghost-cyborg hybrid is armed with a deadly weapon: a bucket full of paint. However, despite his semi-ghostly nature, his eyes are vulnerable to small foreign objects, especially cookie crumbs, as was shown in Comic 42.

Beaver and Steve once speculated on the origins of Cyber-Spook on Beaver and Steve INVESTIGATE. Steve argued that he was "a ghost, horribly injured in an accident," while Beaver maintained that he was "the ghost of a cyborg returned from the grave...". Actually, he turned out to be the product of a happy marriage between his ghostly father and cyborg mother.

The onomatopoeia "TCHAKK" has been associated with him in two quite different situations, making it sort of his catch-phrase-onomatopoeia-thing.

Furthermore, this concept sketch of Cyberspook once appeared on the site as a vote incentive:

Cyberspook concept.jpg
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