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*Inspired by the classic fairy tale "Hanzel and Gretel".
*Inspired by the classic fairy tale "Hanzel and Gretel".
*This episode's title is a spoof on the line "You can't HANDLE the truth!" from ''[[Wikipedia:A Few Good Men|A Few Good Men]]''.

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Beaver and Steve discover a Gingerbread house.

Link: Comic 88

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: You can't Hanzel the truth!

Date: July 4, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve discover an old witch's house.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Witch

Onomatopoeias used: "MONCH", "SWIP", "GIVE!", "FEEL", "GROPE"

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve: "It's getting dark Beaver. How are we going to find the way home?"
Beaver: "Don't worry Steve, I've left us a trail of bread crumbs to follow!"

Panel 2

Steve: " that what they were for?"
Steve MONCH's a handfull of bread crumbs.

Panel 3

A gingerbread house comes into frame.
Steve: "Well, maybe we can get directions in that gingerbread house?"
Beaver: "Careful Steve, that's a witch's house. But we should be ok as long as you don't eat any of it."

Panel 4

Steve SWIP's the floor.
Beaver is in a cage with his head in his hand, looking annoyed.

Panel 5

Witch: "My eyes are poor - put your finger through the bars so I can feel if you're fat enough to eat!"
Beaver: "Quick Steve! Give me a stick! I'll put it through the bars instead of my fingers to fool that mean old witch!"

Panel 6

Steve: "Ok..."
Steve GIVE!'s Beaver something.
Beaver: "Thanks Steve!"

Panel 7

Beaver holds his hand out to the witch.
Beaver: "Here you go!"
Witch FEEL's and GROPE's Beaver's hand.

Panel 8

Witch: "Oh yes! Fat and delicious and ready for the oven!"
Beaver looks surprised.

Panel 9

Beaver has a large sausage in his hand.
Beaver: "Steve! This isn't a stick! It's a sausage!"

Panel 10

Beaver: "Steve...?"
Steve is carrying a knife and fork while wearing an apron and licking his lips.

Fun Facts

  • Steve handed Beaver an Inviso-Sausage(tm).
  • This arc, along with the 20,000 leeks under the sea arc, suggest Steve has fantasies about eating Beaver.


  • Inspired by the classic fairy tale "Hanzel and Gretel".
  • This episode's title is a spoof on the line "You can't HANDLE the truth!" from A Few Good Men.
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