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Steve is rich! Rich he tells you!

Link: Comic 86

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: life's a cabernet - part 2

Date: June 27, 2005

Summary: Steve decides whether or not to destroy Beaver for treasure.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Rupert T. Roach

Onomatopoeias used: "SPLATCH!", "GROAN."

"Fin" style: The ribcage of a fish skeleton spells the word.

Number of panels: 13


Panel 1

Beaver is washing dishes at the sink.
Beaver: "Don't worry I'll soon have all you dishes spotless!"

Panel 2

Beaver: "That includes you Mr Sieve!"

Panel 3

Side view of Steve leaping at Beaver, brandishing a spatula, with Rupert on his back. Beaver looks scared.
Steve: "Yaaaa!"
Beaver: "Steve! What are you doing?"

Panel 4

Beaver lies on the ground, using a hand to shield his head from Steve. Steve holds up his spatula high above his head.
Steve: "The voice says I have to destroy you!"
Beaver: "Fight it Steve! Fight it!"

Panel 5

A close-up of Steve's head shows Rupert whispering to him while Steve looks into a thought-bubble with Beaver's head in it.
Rupert: "Don't listen to him! What has that vainglorious buffoon ever done for you?"

Panel 6

A flowery panel shows Beaver and Steve dancing and smiling.

Panel 7

A heart-filled panel shows a frightened Beaver screaming as he rides on Beaver's back, but Beaver looks very pleased.

Panel 8

A star-filled panel shows Steve smiling and riding a giant worm, while Beaver is trapped in its mouth.

Panel 9

Steve looks angry and lifts up his spatula again.
Steve: "He's my friend!"
Rupert: "Hmm... This may bode ill for my immediate future..."

Panel 10

A close-up of Steve's ridges shows Steve SPLATCH!ing Rupert into orange goo with his spatula.
Rupert: "Oh cruel spatula! Akh!"

Panel 11

Beaver has his hand on Steve's shoulder, both are happy, and Rupert is still on Steve's ridge.
Beaver: "I'm proud of you Steve!"
Steve: "Thanks Beaver... my friend!"

Panel 12

Beaver turns back towards the sink with the fish skeleton in hand. Steve looks surprised.
Beaver: "And now maybe I can finish the washing-up."

Panel 13

Steve is standing on Beaver's back, and Beaver is lying on the ground, GROANing. Steve is holding up the fish skeleton like a prize, and sauce is oozing on his head.
Steve: "I'm RICH!"

Fun Facts

  • There are 13 panels (Ooh, eery!).
  • Beaver talks to dishes when he cleans them.
  • This is the third time Rupert has died.


The giant worm in panel 8 is a reference to Dune,

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