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Beaver must be destroyed.

Link: Comic 85

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: life's a cabernet - part 1

Date: June 24, 2005

Summary: Rupert Roach wants to eat garbage, and Beaver throws it away.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Rupert T. Roach

Onomatopoeias used: "SNUF", "KNICKETY KNICK!"

Number of panels: 9


Panel 1

Rupert Roach holds up a glass of wine.
Rupert Roach: "My word! Such a rich and full-bodied vintage! 'Twould be an insult to marry it to any but the finest dish!"

Panel 2

Rupert Roach SUNF's a strange smell in the air.
Rupert Roach: "But soft! A divine aroma assails my senses! What rare treat can be the source?"

Panel 3

A view from the side looks towards a table, showing a fish's skeleton on a plate.
Rupert Roach (off panel): "Lo! A feast fit for a king! Ho ho! And indeed the cockroach is a king of beasts!"

Panel 4

A view of the fish on the table from behind Rupert.
Rupert Roach: "But such a precipitous ascent! Is my quest thwarted before it is even begun? No! I shall find a willing lackey to propel me to my goal!"

Panel 5

A view of Steve, again from the floor behind Rupert.
Steve KNICKETY KNICK's! a long, rainbow fabric with knitting needles.
Rupert Roach: "Hmm... an ugly brute... but he will suffice for the task at hand. Observe how easily I bend him to my will.

Panel 6

Regular camera view is restored, showing a confused Steve, who has stopped knitting.
Rupert Roach: "I say! Listen up you lumpen oaf! For today is to be the most fortuitous day of your humdrum existence!"

Panel 7

A side view shows Steve, with Rupert riding on his ridges, looking at the fish on the table.
Rupert Roach: "There is treasure upon that hill!"
Steve: "Treasure?"
Ruper Roach: "Yes! Riches beyond the grasp of your feeble mind... And it is ours for the taking!"
Steve: "Ooh."

Panel 8

Beaver faces Steve and Rupert, and takes away the 'treasure', which is a fish skeleton.
Beaver: "Hey Steve! Ooh I'd better wash this up!"
Rupert Roach: "Zounds! The interloper is making away with our prize! You must act at once..."

Panel 9

Rupert Roach is whispering into Steve's... head... and Steve's eyes are huge.
Rupert Roach: "...He must be destroyed."

Fun Facts

  • The cockroach considers himself a king of beasts.
  • Steve knows how to knit... apparently...
  • Steve is an ugly brute and a lumpen oaf. He also has a feeble mind. At least according to Rupert.


  • Rupert T. Roach returns, and has been seen in other storylines, such as "Rupert Hits the Town".
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