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'''Title:''' Pleased to meat you
'''Title:''' Pleased to meat you
'''Date:''' June 13, 2005
'''Date:''' [[June]] 13, 2005
'''Summary:''' Steve gets a visit from the Meat Fairy.
'''Summary:''' Steve gets a visit from the Meat Fairy.
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'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[PLIT]]", "[[PLOT]]"
'''[[:Category:Onomatopoeias|Onomatopoeias]] used:''' "[[PLIT]]", "[[PLOT]]"
'''"[[Fin]]" style:''' String sasuage.
'''"[[Fin]]" style:''' String sausage.
'''Number of panels:''' 8
'''Number of panels:''' 8
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==Fun Facts==
==Fun Facts==
First use of the Meat Fairy.
*First, and so far only, use of the Meat Fairy.
*Meat can cheer Steve up.

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The Meat Fairy bestows meat upon Steve.
Link: Comic 82

Title: Pleased to meat you

Date: June 13, 2005

Summary: Steve gets a visit from the Meat Fairy.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Meat Fairy

Onomatopoeias used: "PLIT", "PLOT"

"Fin" style: String sausage.

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Beaver: "Hey Steve! I'm going out, do you..."

Panel 2

Beaver: "What the...? Steve! Where did all this putrid meat come from?"
Steve: "Meat?"

Panel 3

Beaver: "This meat!"
Steve: "It wasn't me, Beaver! M-Maybe it was the...Meat Fairy?"

Panel 4

Beaver: "Steve! How many times do I have to tell you? There's no such thing as the Meat Fairy!"
Steve: "But Beaver..."

Panel 5

Beaver: "No buts - I'm going out to the shops and I want this all cleaned up by the time I get back."
Steve: "*sigh* Yes, Beaver."

Panel 6

Meat Fairy (off screen): "Hey Steve, why are you so glum?"
Steve: "Beaver said there is no such thing as... Wait... who said that?"

Panel 7

Steve: "It really's the Meat Fairy!"
Meat Fairy: "That's right, Steve, and I know just the thing to cheer you up..."

Panel 8

Meat Fairy: "MEAT!"
Steve: "Yay!"

Fun Facts

  • First, and so far only, use of the Meat Fairy.
  • Meat can cheer Steve up.


Meat Fairy seems to be a play on the Tooth Fairy.

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