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Hee Hee! Isn't this fun!

Link: Comic 81

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: fairy 'nuff

Date: June 10, 2005

Summary: Steve's toaster leads him to the magical land of toaster fairies.

Cast: Steve, Toaster Fairy

Onomatopoeias used: "DANCE!", "TWIRL!", "SHOVE!", "CRAM!"

"Fin" style: Written on a rainbow

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve approaches toaster with a slice of bread.

Panel 2

Toaster suddenly manifests arms, legs, wings, and a face.
Toaster Fairy: "Hi! Tee hee! I'm not a toaster at all- I'm a magical fairy!"
Toaster Fairy: "Let's have an adventure!"

Panel 3

Toaster Fairy flies off, grabbing Steve by the hand.
Toaster Fairy: "Awaaaaay!"

Panel 4

Toaster Fairy flies through the clouds, with Steve Trailing behind. Steve's expression is blank.
Toaster Fairy: "Hee hee! Isn't this fun!"

Panel 5

Steve and the Toaster Fairy fly under a rainbow. The sun is smiling at them and other fairies are DANCE!ing and TWIRL!ing.
Toaster Fairy: "Weeeee!"

Panel 6

Toaster Fairy: "Hee hee! Haven't we had a magical time today!"

Panel 7

Steve SHOVE!s the slice of bread into the Toaster Fairy.
Toaster Fairy: "Akh! W-what are you doing?"

Panel 8

Steve, becoming frustrated, CRAM!s the slice of bread in further. The toaster fairy is in agony.
Toaster Fairy: "Slice of bread... piercing organs..!"
Toaster Fairy: "Gasp!"

Panel 9

The Toaster Fairy is dead.

Panel 10

Steve: "Beaver! The toaster's broken!"

Fun Facts

  • Some species of fairies have adapted to their environment by camouflaging as toasters.
  • This was the only non-guest-comic that was accidentally left out of the first official Beaver and Steve book.



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