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Link: Comic 79

Title: Mine Campf

Date: June 3, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve visit Steve's Uncle's abandoned mine, which turns out to be haunted by mine pixies.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Mine Pixies

Onomatopoeias used: "SSSSSSS", "SPUTTER!", "FUT!"

"Fin" style: Lit by the eyes of the mine pixies.

Number of panels: 5


Panel 1

Beaver holds a lamp.
Beaver: "Wow - I can't believe your uncle left you this cool abandoned mine in his will!"
Steve looks worried.
Steve: "You don't think it's hanted, do you?"

Panel 2

Beaver: "Don't be silly, Steve, there's no such thing as ghosts"
Steve: "What about mine pixies?"
Beaver: "Mine pixies?"

Panel 3

Nineteen mine pixies stare at Beaver and Steve, who stare back.

Panel 4

The mine pixies SSSSSSS at Beaver and Steve.
Beaver: "Your uncle didn't like you much did he?"
The lantern SPUTTER!'s.
Steve shakes his fist.
Steve: "I hated that old coot!"

Panel 5

The latern FUT!'s and goes out.
Only the characters' eyes are visible.
The pixies continue to SSSSSSS SSSSSSS SSSSSSS.
Steve: "Rosebud!"

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