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Beaver decideds to get back in the game.

Link: Comic 77

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Guest Strip - by MITCH CLEM!

Date: May 27, 2005

Summary: Beaver is tired of being single and wants to get back in the game.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Rock Girl Beaver, Church Girl Beaver

Onomatopoeias used: "CLICK", "SIGH", "SMAK", "SHUDDER", "BING!"

Number of panels: 12


Panel 1

Beaver is watching TV.
TV: "Father Jack, what would you say to a cup of tea?"
Beaver CLICK's the remote.
Beaver CLICK's the remote again.

Panel 2

TV: "Next on the discovery channel, the mating habits of the beaver."
Beaver: "Oh my God is that Suzie?"

Panel 3

Beaver: "And GREG?!"

Panel 4

Beaver goes into Steve's room and SIGH's.
Beaver: "I just saw my ex-girlfriend together with an old friend."
Steve: "Where?"
Beaver: "The discovery channel."
Steve: "Ooh, harsh."

Panel 5

Beaver: "I have been single for too long, Steve! I need to get back in the game!"

Panel 6

Beaver: "Where am I supposed to go to meet girls?"
Steve: "Well, what have you tried so far?"

Panel 7

Scene changes to a rock club with Beaver and a Rock Girl Beaver.
Beaver: "I've tried rock clubs, but those girls are too wild..."
Rock Girl Beaver: "Oi! Quit bein' daft an' get me a drink!"
Rock Girl Beaver SMAK's Beaver.

Panel 8

Scene changes again to outside a church with Beaver and a Church Girl Beaver, the church is called God Dam.
Beaver: "... And the girls at churches are too prudish."
Church Girl Beaver: "After mass we were all gonna go pray for a couple hours!"
Beaver SHUDDER's.

Panel 9

Scene is back to Beaver and Steve talking.
Steve: "Well those are the only two places I would think to try..."
Beaver: "I don't have any other beaver friends, what source do I have of how other beavers hook up?"

Panel 10

Both Beaver and Steve look blank faced.

Panel 11

A Lightbulb BING!'s over Steve's head as he gets an idea.
Beaver: "Oh God..."

Panel 12

Beaver and Steve are watching the discovery channel.
Steve: "Wow, you dated her, eh?"
Steve digs a nudging elbow into beaver.
Beaver: "I'm really in a lot of pain right now, Steve!"

Fun Facts

  • Rock club beavers are aggressive.
  • Church beavers are prudes.


  • The first line on TV, "Father Jack, what would you say to a cup of tea?", is a reference to Father Ted, an Irish sitcom.
  • The second line is a reference to a Monty Python skit involving a diner, SPAM and Vikings.
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