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Loki the Viking God of mischief

Link: Comic 75

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: It's a deity job but someone's got to do it - by KEVLING!

Date: May 20, 2005

Summary: Steve's breakfast brings back the Viking God Loki.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Loki

Onomatopoeias used: "HMM", "SNAP", "CRACKLE", "POP!", "GRRR", "PROD", "POSSESS!", "RUMBLE", "BUURP!", "PTOOEE!", "DOOF"

"Fin" style: Embedded in coco pops.

Number of panels: 12


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are in an Ancient Mythology room.
Beaver: "See Steve, I told you this would be interesting"
Steve HMM's

Panel 2

Beaver: "According to this, that is the bowl used to catch the venom when Loki, Viking God of mischief, was poisoned."
Steve: "Cool!"

Panel 3

Beaver: "Right, let's move on..."
Steve lifts the glass and reaches for the bowl.

Panel 4

Beaver: "STEVE!"
Steve is eating coco pops from the bowl.
Steve: "Mmf?"

Panel 5

Steve SNAP's, CRACKLE's and POP!'s

Panel 6

Loki appears on the scene.
Loki: "Tremble in fear puny mortals! LOKI is back let my reign of mischief commence!"

Panel 7

Steve: "I thought you'd be bigger..."
Loki shows out to be shorter than both Beaver and steve.

Panel 8

Loki: "I'll show you the real meaning of mischief!"
Loki POSSESS!'s Steve.
Steve: "Hey!"

Panel 9

Steve glows yellow and levitates.

Panel 10

Steve RUMBLE's
Beaver: "Steve? Are you OK?"

Panel 11

Steve lets out a huge BUURP! and PTOOEE!'s out Loki who hits the ground with a DOOF.

Panel 12

Beaver and Steve leave the scene hand in hand.
Loki: "Well that wasn't quite what I had in mind..."

Fun Facts

  • The bowl was used to catch venom when Loki was poisoned.
  • The bowl turns Coco pops into Rice Krispies.
  • Loki's head is on fire, and he's very short.
  • Loki can POSSESS! people and make them glow yellow and levitate.
  • This comic has the most Onomatopoeias used


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