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Beaver and Steve feel accomplished after a long day of city saving

Link: Comic 70

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Rupert hits the town - part 15

Date: May 2, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve defeat Rupert T. Roach once (and for all?)

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Rupert T. Roach, Two more innocent bystanders

Onomatopoeias used: "VOILA!", "BLEP!", "WHIRRR", "PING!", "BURST!", "SMUG", "CRASH!"

"Fin" style: Cramped in a microwave

Number of panels: 16


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are sitting on dark red cockroach flesh.
Beaver: "Well, here we are, trapped in the digestive tract of a giant insect..."
Beaver: "...again."
Steve: "Well, technically last time it was an arthropod..."

Panel 2

Beaver: "And all we've got to eat is this raw egg I took off you 14 episodes ago"
Steve: "In that case I have just what we need..."

Panel 3

Steve reveals a microwave with a VOILA!
Steve: "A microwave!"
Beaver is !'ed (shocked).
Beaver: "A microwave? Why have you got a microwave?"
Steve: "You know... for snacks.

Panel 4

Steve: "Wait! This gives me an idea!
Beaver (sternly): "Now Steve, I thought we agreed: no more ideas."

Panel 5

Steve is looking pensively at the wires in the back of the microwave.
Steve: "If I could just reverse the polarity.."
Beaver is worried: "I feel this may invalidate the warranty"

Panel 6

Steve is shoving Beaver inside the microwave.
Beaver is even more worried: "Are you quite sure about this Steve?"
Steve: "Of course! Now the polarity is reversed, we need to be inside the microwave to be protected from the shrinkifying rays!"

Panel 7

Steve has set the timer to 10:00 and is now climbing into the microwave with Beaver.
Beaver: "Wait... if the cockroach shrinks while we are inside it, won't we be crushed?"
Steve hits a button with a BLEP!, "No time to think! Must enact poorly conceived plan now!"

Panel 8

The microwave WHIRRR's. The timer now reads 09:58.
Steve (who seems to briefly posess antenae): "Ooh, I'm feeling dizzy..."
Beaver: "Hey! Don't hog the window seat!"

Panel 9

A close up on the microwave timer.
Beaver: "Do you really think this will work Steve?"
Steve: "Of course. I got the idea from Superman 2."
The timer reads 00:02.
Beaver: "Oh, ok... what?"
Steve: "Or was it The Fly?"
The timer reads 00:01
Beaver: "What!?"
The timer reads 00:00. It PING!'s to let us know that the protagonists are done.

Panel 10

We see Rupert T. Roach and he looks startled.
Rupert: "I feel a little bilious."

Panel 11

Rupert T. Roach BURST!'s and Beaver and Steve are revealed.
Rupert, noticing Beaver and Steve coming from inside him: "Drat."
Beaver has a piece of cockroach on his right arm and is thoroughly disgusted.
Beaver: "Gross!"

Panel 12

Steve, SMUG'ly: "Well, Rupert was returned to his normal size, so I guess my plan worked, huh?"
Beaver picks cockroach bit off his arm, looking positively repulsed.
A deflated/burst Rupert: "I am undone..."

Panel 13

Beaver looks at skysraper that reaches his chest in height and a small man on top of the building.
Beaver: "Uh, Steve are you sure you reversed the polarity?"
Small man: "Hi"
Steve: "Maybe this is just a really small town?"
Another innocent bystander running away: "Oh no! A giant beaver and a weird lizard thing... my greatest fear!"

Panel 14

Beaver, smiling: "Oh well, at least we saved the city"
Steve, also smiling: "Yeah!"

Panel 15

Beaver looks accomplished after a hard day's work.
Steve looks bored.

Panel 16

Steve CRASH!'es through the skyscraper nearest him.

Fun Facts

  • Beaver hasn't seen Superman II, but he's seen The Fly.
  • Apparently, Beaver and Steve have been in giant insects before.


  • The Fly is a 1958 movie about a half-human half-fly hybrid that is born of a fly and a human inside a teleportation machine that malfunctions. What a Beaver and Steve hybrid look like? This sounds unfeasible enough that we may one day find out!
  • SPOILER ALERT:In the 1980 movie Superman 2, Superman tricks some Kryptonian criminals into a de-powering chamber he himself has been through. Assuming you could "reverse the polarity" of the chamber (microwave), could one possibly depower (shrink, in this case) things outside of it? Apparently not, because...
  • "Reverse the polarity" is just generic technobabble. It's a one-size fits all technobabble phrase used by John Pertwee in his portrayal of Dr. Who. On several occasions, he has been known to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, of a sonic screwdriver, of some dismantled circuitry, and more.
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