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Beaver and Steve are hot on Rupert's trail

Link: Comic 69

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Rupert hits the town - part 14

Date: April 29, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve find Rupert T Roach and he finds them too piquant

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Rupert T. Roach

Onomatopoeias used: "PAF!", "WUDDA WUDDA", "CRASH!", "OUTTACONTROL!", "KA-SHOE-BOOM!", "FLOAT!", "GLAAAAH", "GLOMP!"

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Outside, in the car park...
Beaver: "Ok, the shoe goblin was inside, so the master shoe must be around here somewhere..."
Steve PAF!'s his hands together
Steve: "Yes, but where"

Panel 2

Beaver points at the Master Shoe, parked in the handicapped spot.
Beaver: "Actually, it's right there."
Steve: "You have the eyes of a hawk!"

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve are in a helicopter which is propelling itself with a WUDDA WUDDA.
Beaver: "He must have come this way -- there's hardly a building standing!"

Panel 4

Close up on Beaver and Steve in the helicopter (which is not currently WUDDA WUDDA'ing)
Beaver: "Do you see him?"
Steve, looking through binoculars: "Wait, what does he look like again?"

Panel 5

Steve's view through the binoculars reveals Rupert T Roach CRASH!'ing through a skyscraper.
Steve: "Oh yeah, I remember now: 200ft tall cockroach in a hat, right?"
Rupert: Call that nouveau baroque? Faugh! I call thee nouveau detritus!"

Panel 6

We see Beaver and Steve in the helicopter again.
Steve reaches for the controls: "Can I have a go at flying now?"
Beaver is terrified: "What? No! Steve! Let Go!"

Panel 7

The helicopter propels itself toward a building in an OUTTACONTROL! fashion with a WUDDA WUDDA! of panic.
Steve: "Ooh. I think I found a building that's still standing..."

Panel 8

The helicopter explodes upon impact with the building with a KA-SHOE-BOOM!, causing the building to crack.
Beaver, along with Steve hanging onto him FLOAT! down on a parachute.
Beaver: "Well, atleast (sic) we got out in one piece."

Panel 9

Beaver and Steve float down toward Rupert T Roach's mouth, which is open with a hearty GLAAAAH.

Panel 10

Rupert T. Roach GLOMP!'s Beaver and Steve.
Rupert T. Roach: "Hmm... a trifle piquant for my tastes..."
Beaver or Steve, from inside Rupert: Hey!

Fun Facts

Roaches can taste things even if they swallow them whole (so perhaps they taste with their stomachs?).



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