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Steves pocket pelvis

Link: Comic 67

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Rupert hits the town - part 12

Date: April 22, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve are about to be shoed, only Steve's pelvis can save them.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Emotibot, Pandas

Onomatopoeias used: "POPP", "SAW", "CUT!", "NYEM", "SNAPT", "AVOID", "LEAP", "CRASH", "FLOP"

Number of panels: 12


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are tied together.
Steve: "Wait! I think I have my penknife in my pocket! Can you reach it?"
Beaver: "I'll try..."

Panel 2

Beaver: "Hmm... clammy..."
Steve: "Hee hee! That tickles!"

Panel 3

Beaver: "Wait- I feel something... but it's stuck!"

Panel 4

Steve: "Then pull... pull like the wind!"

Panel 5

Steve: "Wait a minute... I don't have any pockets"

Panel 6

Steve: "Um... is that my pelvis?"
Beaver POPPs Steve's pelvis out.

Panel 7

Beaver SAWs though the ropes with the pelvis.

Panel 8

The ropes are CUT!

Panel 9

The panda finally SNAPTs the rope.

Panel 10

The shoe CRASHEs down. Steave AVOIDs it, Beaver LEAPs away instead.
Steve: "Yikes!"
Beaver: "Yaaa!"

Panel 11

Beaver and Steve celebrate holding the pelvis up high.
Beaver: "We made it! And it's all thanks to your serrated bones!"
Emotibot: "Whoop-dee-doo."
Steve: "Yay! Osteoarthritis rules!"

Panel 12

Steve FLOPs down for lack of support.
Steve: "Could I have that back now?"

Fun Facts

  • Apparently, dragon pelvises are detachable through a hole in their sides.
  • Steves bones are serrated.



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