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Steve's 'conscience' appears.

Link: Comic 66

Title: Rupert hits the town - part 11

Date: April 18, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve are almost saved from doom... almost.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Panda, Emotibot, Steve's 'conscience'

Onomatopoeias used: "NYEM", "UNTIE!", "PFOOF!", "GRRR!", "PRESS!", "INDIFFERENCE"

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are poised for certain death under a large shoe. NYEM NYEM - A panda chews them closer to death.
Steve: "Beaver! What are we going to do? We're doomed!"
Beaver: "Now Steve, I'm sure everything will turn out ok as long as we stay positive!"
Steve: "Please stop scaring me"

Panel 2

Emotibot arrives to save the day!
Steve: "Emotibot!"
Beaver: "See... Positive!"
Steve: "I'm 'positive' you should shut up."
Emotibot: "Informal non-gender specific greetings! What events are occurring? Emotibot followed the Shoe Goblin. Do you require rescue?"

Panel 3

UNTIE! Emotibot responds to Beaver's requests.
Beaver: "Yes! Untie us! Quickly!"
Emotibot: "Emotibot will be happy to complete this function! Running system diagnostic... Status = 'Giddy with joy'!"

Panel 4

PFOOF! Steve's 'Conscience' appears.
Steve's Conscience GRRR!'s.

Panel 5

Steve's Conscience: "Psst! Hey kid, why don't you press those buttons. I bet something cool will happen."
Steve: "A-Are you my conscience?"

Panel 6

Steve's Conscience contemplates his response.

Panel 7

Steve's Conscience: "Yeah kid, sure I'm your conscience. Now just press the buttons."
Steve: "You're the best conscience ever!"

Panel 8

Steve reaches for a button on Emotibot.
Emotibot: "Emotibot will have you out of here in approximately 1.2 jiffys!"

Panel 9

PRESS! Beaver's foot hits the "Apathy" button on Emotibot.

Panel 10

INDIFFERENCE - Apathy takes over Emotibot.
Emotibot: "Meh, I'll do it later"
Beaver: "Huh? What happened?"
Steve: "Um... computer virus?"

Fun Facts

  • Emotibot's other three buttons in this strip say "Lust", "Glib" and "Maudlin".


This is not the first time this Shrimp has given Steve bad advice. In Comic 7, he (along with Mario and Frankenstein's monster) advise Steve to stomp on a bug.

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