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Steve's 'conscience' appears.

Link: Comic 66

Title: Rupert hits the town - part 11

Date: April 18, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve are almost saved from doom... almost.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Panda, Emotibot, Steve's 'conscience'

Onomatopoeias used: "NYEM", "UNTIE!", "PFOOF!", "GRRR!", "PRESS!", "INDIFFERENCE"

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are poised for certain death under a large shoe. NYEM NYEM - A panda chews them closer to death.
Steve: "Beaver! What are we going to do? We're doomed!"
Beaver: "Now Steve, I'm sure everything will turn out ok as long as we stay positive!"
Steve: "Please stop scaring me"

Panel 2

Emotibot arrives to save the day!
Steve: "Emotibot!"
Beaver: "See... Positive!"
Steve: "I'm 'positive' you should shut up."
Emotibot: "Informal non-gender specific greetings! What events are occurring? Emotibot followed the Shoe Goblin. Do you require rescue?"

Panel 3

UNTIE! Emotibot responds to Beaver's requests.
Beaver: "Yes! Untie us! Quickly!"
Emotibot: "Emotibot will be happy to complete this function! Running system diagnostic... Status = 'Giddy with joy'!"

Panel 4

PFOOF! Steve's 'Conscience' appears.
Steve's Conscience GRRR!'s.

Panel 5

Steve's Conscience: "Psst! Hey kid, why don't you press those buttons. I bet something cool will happen."
Steve: "A-Are you my conscience?"

Panel 6

Steve's Conscience contemplates his response.

Panel 7

Steve's Conscience: "Yeah kid, sure I'm your conscience. Now just press the buttons."
Steve: "You're the best conscience ever!"

Panel 8

Steve reaches for a button on Emotibot.
Emotibot: "Emotibot will have you out of here in approximately 1.2 jiffys!"

Panel 9

PRESS! Beaver's foot hits the "Apathy" button on Emotibot.

Panel 10

INDIFFERENCE - Apathy takes over Emotibot.
Emotibot: "Meh, I'll do it later"
Beaver: "Huh? What happened?"
Steve: "Um... computer virus?"

Fun Facts

  • Emotibot's other three buttons in this strip say "Lust", "Glib" and "Maudlin".



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