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This might be the Shoe Goblin's House!

Link: Comic 61

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: Rupert hits the town - part 6

Date: April 1, 2005

Summary: Beaver and Steve find the Shoe Goblin at home

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Shoe Goblin

Onomatopoeias used: none!

"Fin" style: To be cont.

Number of panels: 5


Panel 1

Beaver is looking up from a piece of paper: "Well, I think this is the place..."
Steve: (skeptically) "Are you sure?"

Panel 2

Camera angle does a 180 and we see they are looking at a shoe-shaped house.
Beaver: "I've a feeling it might be..."

Panel 3

Beaver and Steve peer into a rounded doorway.
Beaver: "Hello?"
Beaver: "Anybody home?"

Panel 4

We see a black chair with the Shoe Goblin's jingly hat visible from above and his pointy green clogs visible from the bottom.
Shoe Goblin, (poorly concealed): "Welcome..."

Panel 5

The chair swivels around with fantastic force.
Shoe Goblin (looking stern, holding an evil villains' pipe, and stroking his pet shoe): "... I've been expectin' ye..."

Fun Facts

  • Shocking as it may be, everything in the Shoe Goblin's life is Shoe themed, including his house and pets.
  • Also, the Shoe Goblin has his fireplace going.


The Shoe Goblin's menacing chair and shoe are yet another parody on Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a recurring villain in James Bond films. Blofeld's signature is to be hidden in the shadow and stroking his pet cat (The Shoe Goblin is stroking his pet Shoe) and has inspired MANY parodies. Most notable parodies include Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, Dr. Claw in Inspector Gadget, and The Shoe Goblin in Beaver and Steve. Blofeld, however, doesn't have a pipe that I am aware of, nor does he ever say the "I've been expecting you" line, even though it is often attributed to him. It's probably from some other James Bond movie, but... *shrugs* I dunno!

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