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New scaffolding fasteners distinguishes

   scaffolding of a new type of fastener, that this new type of fasteners fastening the review by the State Department as a key scaffolding to promote products. New progress in the slide fastener effective, anti-torsion stiffness mechanical damage and function. Construction monitoring by the State Central Committee has repeatedly maintenance overhaul, the new slide fastener 100% pass rate function, the function indicators as exempt. To reverse the destruction of rigidity and resistance to mechanical functions are in line with the national scale. 
   It is reported that the fruit of this new type of scaffolding fasteners not only the national scale, and its targets well beyond the traditional fasteners. And in the construction industry, held this year at the National to be released. 
   Meanwhile, the new fastener was China Construction Metal Structure Association Building Committee as fastener quality reliable products. 
   According to the relevant person in charge of the first volume, because the new design of the fastener base structural changes to achieve that weight, but also costs of raw materials. Produce the original documents produced in the traditional national standard weight of 1.1 kg, the new national standard scaffolding fasteners produced by reduced 0.9 kg, the annual produce 10 million sets of fasteners, which can save 2,000 tons of raw materials, saving about 700 million produced in the capital, while also saving a lot of energy. This year, the new scaffolding fasteners for Water Resources and Museum in Hangzhou and other large projects, by the praise. 
   The company has advanced production technology and scientific management methods, and established a strict quality inspection system, from raw materials to the factory machine, each process checks are professional and technical personnel. scaffolding fastening products, electrical components and major mechanical components, quality and reliable products are used, thus ensuring product quality and safety and reliability. 

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