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'''Title:''' it's the 'I'm moving house' filler strip!
'''Title:''' it's the 'I'm moving house' filler strip!
'''Date:''' March 14, 2005
'''Date:''' [[March]] 14, 2005
'''Summary:''' James moved house!
'''Summary:''' James moved house!

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Link: Comic 56

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: it's the 'I'm moving house' filler strip!

Date: March 14, 2005

Summary: James moved house!

Cast: Beaver, Steve

Onomatopoeias used: None

Number of panels: 1


Panel 1

[beaver+steve moved house this weekend! read the news for more details]
Beaver is walking and pointing ahead, Steve is carrything three boxes on top of each other which read "Steves stuff hands off!", "This way up" (upside down)" and "Fragile"

Fun Facts

  • The news with more details referred to were something not unlike this:

    "It's been a busy weekend. I've moved into my new flat, but it's been a bumpy ride - when we moved in there was no electricity and no gas, the fridge was full of mould and slime (yes, that's right, honest to goodness slime), and we almost got imprisoned eternally when we realised our front door couldn't be unlocked from the inside. So in the midst of all this fun I didn't really have time to get the new strip done, which is why you're stuck with this dodgy filler pic - and since I don't have an internet connection at home for the next 4 weeks, you're lucky you even got that."



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