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Mobile scaffolding construction technology production

Mobile scaffolding needed for construction and production methods and processes according to the corresponding, according to the four proposals for production and production, to ensure that mobile scaffolding technology and quality standards. When moving scaffolding in the selection of manufacturers to use scaffolding for the regular use of the scaffolding on the purchase of an effective and reasonable checks to ensure the quality of its use.

Scaffolding industrial development and progress of late, since the founding of the reform and opening up, China's demand for scaffolding mainly using the main cutting edge of industrial and national defense. After the reforms, the rapid development of the national economy, people's living standard significantly increased, driving the demand for scaffolding. With the scaffolding market, rapid development, China scaffolding yield end of a long wandering the situation and achieve a rapid growth.

China scaffolding production from 46 million tons in 2000 to 2.36 million tonnes in 2004, the annual average growth rate of 82.6%, accounting for the proportion of domestic demand also from 24.47% in 2000 increased to 52.80% in 2004. The same period, world production is only scaffolding around 6% growth rate. Into the nineties of last century, China entered a rapid development of mobile scaffolding industry of mobile scaffolding demand growth far above the global level. Overall, our scaffolding is going through the small scale, low levels of a single species, can not meet the requirements to have a serious considerable scale and level of variety and quality significantly improved and the preliminary requirements of national economic development to meet the profound transformation, scaffolding demand will gradually self-sufficiency.

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