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Move the whole scaffolding of information

Mobile scaffold used in rooms, internal and external decoration; cosmetic advertisements; bridge support; template support; Full scaffolding, walls, scaffolding and other purposes. With loading and unloading easy, safe, reliable, price and practical benefit



1) Multifunction: the construction according to the specific requirements of different groups composed of frame sizes, shapes, and the carrying capacity of single, double scaffolding, support frame, support columns, material hoist frame, climbing scaffolding, cantilever

Frame construction equipment and other functions. Also be used to build facilities in the shed, feed shed, lighthouse and other structures. Particularly suitable for erection of scaffolding and heavy support frame surfaces.

2) ease of management: Component series of standardized components coated with orange-yellow appearance. Nice, neatly stacked components to facilitate on-site materials management, to meet the construction requirements of civilization.

3) High efficiency: the longest bar used for the 3130mm, weight 17.07kg. The entire frame cannibalize faster speed than conventional 3 to 5 times faster effort to fight demolition, workers with a hammer to complete all assignments to avoid

Bolt action brought a lot of inconvenience.

4) versatility: the main components are the ordinary steel tubular scaffold of steel pipe, steel pipe can be connected with ordinary fasteners, versatility.

5) bearing capacity: pole socket connection is the same axis, bar by the same pole Bowl adapters, connectors reliable bending, shear, torsional mechanical properties. Axis of the rod and line intersect at one point

Nodes in the framework of the plane, therefore, structurally sound, reliable, large carrying capacity.

6) less maintenance: The scaffolding components to eliminate the bolt connection. Component Jingpengnaike. General corrosion does not affect the fight demolition job, no special maintenance and repair.

7) Safe and reliable: joint design, taking into account the friction on the screw and self Bowl gravity, so that a reliable self-locking joint capabilities. The load acting on the bar on the passing through the lower pole of Bowl

, Under a strong shear Bowl capacity (up to 199kN). Even on not being pressed Bowl, bar connector is not caused by an accident caused by prolapse. Also equipped with a safety net support, between the rails, scaffold

Board, block feet, shelf ladder. Pick beam. Bar accessories such as a wall or support, the use of safe and reliable.

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