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Construction requirements of steel tubular scaffold

Steel tubular scaffolding structure requires a

Based on the requirements specification 《Architecture and construction of steel tubular scaffold safety specifications》

One. Common scaffolding design dimensions

1.1 Subject to Article 4.3.2 of this specification, the commonly used open-type single, double scaffold design size, should be adopted by the following two tables.

II. Longitudinal horizontal bar, horizontal bar horizontal, scaffolding boards

2.1 The vertical structure of horizontal rods shall meet the following requirements:

1 horizontal bar should be set vertically inside the pole, its length should not be less than 3 cross;

2 vertical take a long horizontal bar fastener docking connector should be adopted, may also overlap. Butt, take shall meet the following requirements:

1) longitudinal horizontal bar of the docking fasteners should be staggered: two adjacent vertical joints should not be set horizontal bar at the synchronous or within the same span; not synchronized or different across the two adjacent joints

Staggered horizontal distance of not less than 500mm; the joint center to the nearest distance from the primary node should not be greater than the vertical distance of 1 / 3, as follows:

2) lap length not less than 1m, should be such as fastener spacing is set to three fixed rotation, cover edge of the fastener to the end of longitudinal overlap of not less than the distance of legs side 100mm;

3) When using the stamped steel scaffold boards, wooden scaffolding boards, bamboo scaffold board Strings, the longitudinal lateral horizontal bar horizontal bar should be used as the bearing, with a right-angle fastener fixed to the rails; when using

Bamboo fence scaffolding boards, vertical horizontal bar should be fixed at right angles to the horizontal level rod fasteners and should be equally spaced set, spacing should not exceed 400mm.

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