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Steve is nosing around.

Link: Comic 44

Title: I've got your nose!

Date: February 1, 2005

Summary: Beaver snatches Steve's nose, but Steve realises it's not really his.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Noseless Guy, Fishes

Onomatopoeias used: "THROW!", "PA-LOP!", "PLISH!", "SLOOP!"

"Fin" style: Glasses and nose

Number of panels: 13


Panel 1

Beaver and Steve are standing quietly.

Panel 2

Beaver: (quickly raising his clenched fist) "Ha ha! Got your nose!"
Steve: "Oh!"

Panel 3

Steve: (reaching for Beaver's fist) "Hey! No! Give that back! I need it! smell!"
Beaver: "Hee hee!"

Panel 4

Steve: (tackling Beaver) "RAAAAA!"
Beaver: "Youf!"

Panel 5

Steve: (finally seeing the nose) "Wait... that's not my nose!"

Panel 6

Steve picks up the nose; Noseless Guy appears.
Noseless Guy: "Oh thank goodness! I've been looking for that everywhere!"

Panel 7

Noseless Guy: "Give me the nose! The nose!"
Steve: (THROW!'ing the nose away) "YAAA!"

Panel 8

The nose falls into a river with a "PA-LOP!". There's a "CAUTION! RIVER!" sign nearby.
Noseless Guy: "The... nose..."
Steve: "Oop..."

Panel 9

A blue fish in the water notices the nose.

Panel 10

The fish jumps out of the water with a PLISH!
Fish: "Atlast!"

Panel 11

The fish puts on a pair of glasses.

Panel 12

The glasses slip off with a SLOOP!

Panel 13

A red and a green fish with ears have appeared, both wearing glasses.
Red and Green fish: "HA HA HA HA HA!"

Fun Facts

  • Noseless guy seems to be a moustache-less appearance of Moustache Guy.
  • Steve doesn't have a nose.


  • The three fishes have the same colours as the Ninjas.

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