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Link: Comic 43

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: tiny turnip trousers

Date: January 29, 2005

Summary: Timmy the Turnip strikes again!

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Timmy the Turnip

Onomatopoeias used: "KNOCKA-KNOCK!", "LEAP!"

"Fin" style: Blue letters, disguised, like Timmy, with dark glasses and fake moustache

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Someone's KNOCKA-KNOCK!'ing on the door.
Steve: "Hmm... who could that be?"

Panel 2

Steve opens the door and finds an odd turnip-like person with moustache, dark glasses and blue pants.
Steve: "Hello?"
Turnip: "Greetings home owner, can I interest you in the purchase of some highly nutritious root vegetables?"
Steve: "Um... no thanks"
Turnip: "They're very tasty!"
Steve: "No really, I'm fine..."

Panel 3

Steve: (looking down suspiciously on the turnip) "Waaait a minute... don't I recognise you from somewhere..?"
Turnip: (heavily sweating and nervous) "No, no ... I uh... just have one of those faces..."

Panel 4

Timmy the Turnip LEAP!'s up, losing his disguise, and sedates Steve with a chlorophorm-soaked napkin.
Timmy: "YAAAAA!"
Steve: "Ooh! Chlorophorm!"

Panel 5

First-person view of unconscious Steve. Which is a completely black screen.
Someone: "Steve?"

Panel 6

Beaver: (slowly fading from darkness) "Steve? Are you ok?"

Panel 7

Beaver: (holding Steve, worried) "What happened?"
Steve: "It... it was the turnip... where did he go.. Kaf! And what's this in my mouth?.."

Panel 8

Steve: (gouging a tiny pair of blue pants from his mouth) "NOOOOOO!"

Fun Facts

  • Here's what James said about this comic on the site:

"Sorry it's late folks. I left the whole strip to the last minute, and as a result I accidentally made a strip that wasn't funny AT ALL. Whoops. I think I've managed to salvage it now, but if you want to see the original bizarre punchline you'd better make sure you vote. I will leave it up to your imaginations to try to guess what happened in the rest of the strip."

The vote incentive he speaks of can be found here.


  • Steve has once already eaten Timmy, in Comic 32. Apparently, this didn't prevent Timmy from reappearing.
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