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Eat cookie!
Link: Comic 42

Title: crumbs

Date: January 26, 2005

Summary: Steve battles Cuberspook with a cookie

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Cyberspook

Onomatopoeias used: "RRRRRR...", "CLIK!", "TCHAKK!", "FLANG!"

"Fin" style: Half-eaten cookies

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve is taking out a cookie from a jar.
Steve: "Mmm...cookie!"

Panel 2

A shot from inside the dark room that Steve is just about to enter.
Steve: "I think I'll eat in here..."
Someone with a mysterious pair of glowing eyes is making a RRRRRR... sound.

Panel 3

Steve CLIK!'s the light switch, revealing Cyberspook with a bucket of red paint.
Cyberspook: "RAAAA!"
Steve: "Oh no! It's Cyber-spook! And he's up to his old tricks!"
Cyberspook: "Say your prayers! Because I'm going to throw paint on you!"

Panel 4

Close-up on Steve's face.
Steve: "Got to think FAST!"

Panel 5

Steve gets an idea and prepares to throw the cookie.
Steve: "Fly true, my chocolate-chip projectile!"

Panel 6

Steve: "Eat cookie!"
Steve FLANG!'s the cookie, which hits Cyberspook in the face with a TCHAKK!
Cyberspook: "Yaaaa!"

Panel 7

Cyberspook: (recovering from the attack) "Fool! It will take more than biscuits to stop me!"

Panel 8

Cyberspook: "Aaak! my eye!"

Panel 9

Steve is now attempting to get the crumbs out of Cyberspook's eye.
Cyberspook: "Ow! Get it out! Get it out!"
Steve: "Keep still! If you don't stop moving around I won't be able to get it."

Panel 10

Beaver is about to enter the same room with a cookie, while Steve and Cyberspook are both about to throw a bucket of paint on him.
Beaver: "Mmm...cookie"
Steve: "Hee hee!"

Fun Facts

  • In Comic 112, Steve will build a time machine, return to this episode and take away the cookie from his past self, leaving him defenseless and causing Cyberspook to succeed in throwing paint at him. Even though Beaver had just warned him not to mess with the past.



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