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Eat cookie!
Link: Comic 42

Title: crumbs

Date: January 26, 2005

Summary: Steve battles Cuberspook with a cookie

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Cyberspook

Onomatopoeias used: None

"Fin" style: Half-eaten cookies

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve: Mmm...cookie!

Panel 2

Cyberspook: Rrrrrr...
Steve: I think I'll eat in here...

Panel 3

Cyberspook: Raaaa!
Steve: Oh no! It's Cyber-spook! and he's up to his old tricks!
Cyberspook: Say your prayers! Because I'm going to throw paint on you!

Panel 4

Steve: Got to think fast!

Panel 5

Steve: Fly true, my chocolate-chip projectile!

Panel 6

Cyberspook: Yaaaa!
Steve: Eat cookie!

Panel 7

Cyberspook: Fool! It will take more than biscuits to stop me!

Panel 8

Cyberspook: Aaak! my eye!

Panel 9

Cyberspook: Ow! Get it out! Get it out!
Steve: Keep still! If you don't stop moving around I won't be able to get it.

Panel 10

Beaver: Mmm...cookie
Steve: Hee hee!

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