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Don't you just hate it when that happens?
Link: Comic 41

Title: in which Steve builds a time machine

Date: January 21, 2005

Summary: Steve meddles with the tender fabric of space-time by building a time machine.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Future Beaver, Future Steve, World Peace Guy's Father

Onomatopoeias used: "SAW!", "WORNK!", "SHWIP!", "BZAKK!"

"Fin" style: Looking futuristically metallic and robotic

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Steve is SAW!'ing a machine.
Beaver: "Hey Steve, what're you up to?"

Panel 2

Steve: (revealing the machine) "I'm building a time machine!"
Beaver: "Are you sure that's entirely wise?"

Panel 3

A blue time portal appears with a WORNK! sound. Beaver and Steve look surprised.

Panel 4

Futuristic versions of Beaver and Steve appear.
Steve: "Yowzers! It's our future selves!"
Beaver: "Have you come to warn us not to meddle with time travel in order to avert an apocalyptic future?"

Panel 5

Future Steve's visor SHWIP!'s up.
Future Steve: "No way! The future is awesome! You've got to come and visit!"
Future Steve: "I mean, check out this cool laser!"

Panel 6

Future Steve BZAKK!'s a random person in the background with his laser.
Person: "YAAA!"

Panel 7

The person's scorched corpse lies on the ground.
Future Beaver: "Uh, isn't that the father of the guy who brought about world peace?"
Future Steve: "Oop."

Panel 8

Future Steve: "Well, um, we'd probably better be going..."
Steve: "Ok, 'be' you later! Tee hee"
Future Steve: "In the future all puns are illegal"

Panel 9

The Future Beaver and Steve jump into a pink time portal with another WORNK! sound.
Beaver: "Oh wait! Why am I wearing an eyepatch?"

Panel 10

Beaver: "Oh well... by the way, have you seen my eyedrops?"
Steve: (blindly reaching for a bottle of bleach instead of the eye drops next to it) "Yeah, they're right here"

Fun Facts

  • Quite incidentally, it is the very next comic (#42) to which Steve will later go back to from Comic 112, after finishing his work on the same time machine.



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