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Emotibot has a dream...

Link: Comic 40

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: emotibot wears a hat

Date: January 17, 2005

Summary: Emotibot and Steve wish to be more human.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Emotibot

Onomatopoeias used: "SA-NATCH!", "SLAPPÉ!", "SPANG!"

"Fin" style: Human face, wearing a hat

Number of panels: 10


Panel 1

Emotibot: (wearing a hat and tie, looking at himself in the mirror) "Greetings sugar rich bee product! I have arrived at the abode!"

Panel 2

Steve and Beaver appear, which startles Emotibot.
Steve: "What are you doing Emotibot?"

Panel 3

Emotibot: "*sigh* Emotibot wishes to be human"

Panel 4

Steve SA-NATCH!'es the hat from Emotibot.
Steve: "Well so do I!"

Panel 5

Steve is about to put the hat on his head.

Panel 6

Steve turns into a half-naked half-human, half-Steve.
Steve: "I'M A REAL BOY!"

Panel 7

Beaver SLAPPÉ!'s the hat off Steve's head.

Panel 8

Steve: "Thanks Beaver, that was a close one..."

Panel 9

Emotibot's hand SPANG!'s Steve from off-screen.

Panel 10

Emotibot: (now lightly disguised as Beaver) "Disregard my previous statement! Emotibot wishes to be a beaver! Beavers have all the fun!"
Beaver: "Word."
Steve looks worried and confused.
Fin: "I live!"

Fun Facts

  • This comic was the one featured in "The Making of Beaver and Steve".
  • Steve makes for a grotesque human.
  • Beaver is capable of some very sophisticated slaps.


  • Emotibot wanting to be more human is very similar to Data from Star Trek: TNG, who was also experimenting with emotions in the later movies. Then again, James is not much of a trekkie, so it's more likely a reference to the wider concept in sci-fi.
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