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The stability of the machine scaffolding erection process

   scaffolding as a base for building facilities, widely used in various large and small construction sites, and has played a significant supporting role. And its development process was a long, imperfect from the beginning to the end of a near-perfect step by step, through a very long process. scaffolding are the main frame, horizontal frame, cross brace, scaffold boards, adjustable base and other components, surface treatment: electroplating (cold galvanizing), dip zinc (galvanized) Casters: also known as ground round, can be installed in scaffolding lower part of the composition-style scaffolding. can be used as mechanical and electrical installation. paint the paint job. equipment maintenance. the activities of advertising work platform. 6-inch casters with brakes, easy to use. flexible. safe and reliable, oblique bar settings: diagonals 4600mm steel pole of specifications, from the ground up to the top, cover the whole facade. Appearance of the test requirements set features: graphics the same size, bars straight, highly consistent with intercourse. Strong protection measures: 
   Diagonals distance: vertical distance by Pole, 25m above the high-level scaffolding set a different direction every pair of 7000mm; 28mm 8500mm set the following scaffolding every pair of different directions. If the scaffolding of a vertical distance of less than 8500mm facade, set single-span zigzag diagonals. 
   Diagonals angle: the angle of diagonals set, should be ground into a 45 ° - 60 ° angle. The total vertical elevation from the long scaffolding, should take appropriate 60 ° angle. 
   Take a long diagonals: diagonals do not take a long connection with docking fastener should be used to lap connection. Lap distance of not less than 1000mm, and firmly connected with two rotating fastener, fastener away from the joint position of not less than 150mm. Take a long pole in the direction of a long pole was taken from the bottom of the stack. 
   With wall bar: The dead lift access, and the frame columns with steel fasteners or frame beam pull access. By two-step pull contacts to set up a three-span pull contacts. 

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