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Link: Comic 38

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: jam is good for the scalp

Date: January 10, 2005

Summary: Steve is stung by a bee, and mistakes Beaver for a Panda.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Bee, Shrimp

Onomatopoeias used: "SPREAD", "ZZZZZZ", "STI-ING!", "SWUNK!", "POW!", "WHACK!", "ZZZZ"

"Fin" style: Stated by a bee.

Number of panels: 14


Panel 1

Steve SPREAD's a jar labeled JAM on his head.
Steve: "Wee Hee Hee!"

Panel 2

A bee ZZZZZZ's in from the right.
Steve: "Oh! Hello There,"

Panel 3

The bee STI-ING!'s Steve.
Steve: "YAAAAA!"

Panel 4

Steve runs to a door.
Steve: "Beaver! Beaver!"

Panel 5

From the other side of the door, we see Beaver, holding a plunger.
Steve: "BEAVER!"
Beaver: "I wonder what's up now..."

Panel 6

Steve SWUNKS!'s the door open into Beaver's face. He does not drop the plunger.
Steve: "Beaver! A bee stung me! ... Beaver?"

Panel 7

Steve ?'s as Beaver, now with black eyes. recovers.
Beaver: "Groan..."

Panel 8

A picture of Steve, covered in Jam, with a lump on his nose.

Panel 9

A picture of Beaver, with his black eyes and his plunger.
Beaver: "Wh-what happened?"

Panel 10

A picture of a panda, holding a shoot of bamboo just like Beaver is holding the plunger.
Beaver/Panda: "Why are you looking at me like that Steve? Mew Mew?"

Panel 11

Steve violently flings himself at Beaver.
Steve: "YAAAAA!"
Beaver: "AAAAH!"

Panel 12

From out of the panel, Steve POW!'s and WHACK!'s Beaver.
Steve: "Take that you bamboo muncher!"
Beaver: "NO! AIE!"
A flying shrimp sits onscreen.
Shrimp: "So, kids, remember: Bees are the enemy!"

Panel 13

The bee ZZZZ's back on from the right.
Shrimp: "AAAAH!"
Bee: "HEY! Racist!"

Panel 14

Bee: "Uh...Fin."

Fun Facts

  • Beaver tends to walk around the house with a plunger.



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