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It's not easy being a robot...

Link: Comic 37

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: R.I.P Beaver

Date: January 7, 2005

Summary: Beaver is dead, and Steve searches for a friend.

Cast: Steve, Emotibot

Onomatopoeias used: "SPANG!", "SQUEE", "CLIK!"

"Fin" style: On a tombstone with Beaver climbing out from under.

Number of panels: 7


Panel 1

Beaver's tombstone reads: "BEAVER 'he shone like a star' R.I.P"
Steve: "I can't believe he's really gone. Now I'm all alone, not a friend in the world"

Panel 2

Emotibot: "Negative! Emotibot will be your friend! I long to know this feeling you call 'companionship'"

Panel 3

Steve: "Don't be ridiculous! I want a real friend"
Steve hits Emotibot with a "SPANG!".

Panel 4

Emotibot: "Emotibot... ...understands"
Emotibot rolls away with a "SQUEE SQUEE".

Panel 5

Emotibot: "So... lonely"

Panel 6

The buttons are labelled "Obsequious, Fulfillment, Whimsical, Self Pity"
Emotibot presses the Fulfillment button with a "CLIK!"

Panel 7

Emotibot: "Life is AWESOME!"

Fun Facts

  • Some meanings of Emotibot's settings from HyperDictionary:
    • Obsequious - attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
    • Whimsical - determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason



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