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======Panel 6======
======Panel 6======
Steve abruptly interrupts, grabbing James' robe.<br />
Steve abruptly interrupts, grabbing James by his robe.<br />
Steve: "You're not going to put us on hiatus are you!? I won't go back I tell you! I won't go back!"
Steve: "You're not going to put us on hiatus are you!? I won't go back I tell you! I won't go back!"

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Link: Comic 346

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: He ate us - part 1

Date: June 20, 2008

Summary: Beaver and Steve discover James Turner's lair, inside awaits a rather cold surprise


Onomatopoeias used: "NOK", "CREEEEAK", "TUG!", "FLOMP!", "NOD", "SHUF", "WOOP", "CLANK!", "FWOOSH!", "WHIR!", "FROZEN!"

Number of panels: 12


Panel 1

Beaver knocks at the door to James Turner's lair with a 'NOK NOK'-sound, the door reading:
'The lair of James Turner
creator and dictator of Beaver and Steve'
Beaver looks at Steve and says: "Now remember, Steve, try to be on your best behaviour."

Panel 2

The door opens with a "CREEEEAK!"
Beaver: "Hello? We noticed there was no comic last week and we just wanted to check that you were ..."

Panel 3

James Turner is about to pour tea from a flowered teapot into the teacup of a feline character, him and three other characters present in the room staring at Beaver and Steve somewhat surprised of seeing them.
Beaver: "Oh, sorry, I didn't realise you had company..."
Beaver: "A-Are those ... new characters ...?"

Panel 4

James Turner pulls a hanging rope with a "TUG!" making a curtain fall down covering but the feet of one of the characters.
James Turner: "Oh no no, of course not. You know you're the only characters I need. They were, uh, Jehovas Witnesses."
Beaver: "I see."
James Turner: "Now, what was it you wanted to see me about?"

Panel 5

James Turner has now equipped his pipe, thoughtfully listening to Beaver, adding in an occasional "NOD".
Beaver: "Well you see, we've been a little concerned about how busy you've been lately, and we were worried you ..."

Panel 6

Steve abruptly interrupts, grabbing James by his robe.
Steve: "You're not going to put us on hiatus are you!? I won't go back I tell you! I won't go back!"

Panel 7

Steve has let go of James, who is now straightening up his robe.
James Turner: "Oh goodness me no, whatever gave you that idea? I'd never put you on hiatus!"
Beaver: "Oh that is a relief!"
Steve: "It's so cold in there.."

Panel 8

A black X is visible on the floor.
James Turner: "Which reminds me - would you mind standing a little to the right?"
Beaver: "Oh, of course!"

Panel 9

Beaver and Steve are now standing on the black X, moving there with a "SHUF"
James Turner is holding a device with a button.
James Turner: "Thank you."

Panel 10

James Turner presses the button on the device, and a strange device comes out of a recently opened hatch in the roof, the device being labeled "HIAT-O-TRON". The device makes several "WOOP" "CLANK!" and "WHIR!" noises.
Beaver: "Oh my."
James Turner: "It was 'ice' knowing you."

Panel 11

The device shoots a liquid-like substance down on Beaver and Steve with a "FWOOSH!" sound.
Steve: "Aaaah"
Beaver: "Aiiee!"
James Turner: "Splendid!"

Panel 12

Beaver and Steve are stuck inside an ice cube with a despaired look in their faces.
"Will our heroes ever be defrosted from their indefinite hiatus? Will their creator ever learn the error of his villainous ways? Find out in the next thrilling episode! ...

Fun Facts

  • The two characters in the lair are from the Super Animal Adventure Squad comic
  • Though debatable if considered "fun", this comic confirms that Beaver and Steve are now on indefinite hiatus.



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