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B&S meet the easter vampire bunny.

Link: Comic 334

Translations: Finnish, French, Polish, Danish, Italian

Title: egg-sanguinate

Date: March 21, 2008

Summary: B&S meet the easter bunny. But it's a vampire, and the eggs are bat eggs.

Cast: Beaver, Steve, Vampire, Vampirized chicken

Onomatopoeias used: "HOP!", "SQUEEE", "SUCK"

"Fin" style: With bunny ears.

Number of panels: 8


Panel 1

Steve: "Beaver! Beaver! The easter bunny is here!"
Beaver: "Oh what fun!"

Panel 2

The easter bunny vampire enters, HOP! HOP!
Steve continues to smile, while Beaver doesn't.
Easter bunny vampire: "BLAA! I mean, happy easter!"

Panel 3

Beaver: "I'm not sure that's the easter bunny Steve"
Steve points at the easter bunny vampire who makes a sad face.
Steve: "But he's got a little tail and everything."

Panel 4

Easter bunny vampire: "And look, I have easter eggs too!"
Steve looks at Beaver, frowning.
Steve: "See Beaver, you should be more trusting."

Panel 5

Beaver, still not smiling: "Well maybe he is the real thing after all."
The easter bunny vampire looks at the two heroes like a super vilain would.

Panel 6

The easter bunny vampire, like a super vilain winning, looks at the eggs from which crazy-eyed bats escape, SQUEEE'ing.
Easter bunny vampire: "Yes! Fly my children, fly!"
Beaver: "Oh!"
Steve: "Aaaah!"

Panel 7

Steve is being SUCK'ed by the bats, blood is dripping.
Steve: "You're the worst easter bunny ever!"
The easter bunny vampire looks disappointed.
Easter bunny vampire: "Well that's a little unfair."
Beaver, wondering: "How did you get vampire eggs anyway?"

Panel 8

A vampirized chicken is shown in the panel, it has two teeth and the mark of the bitting by a vampire, blood dripping.
The easter bunny vampire looks a little bit ashamed.
Easter bunny vampire: "Don't judge me."

Fun Facts

  • The easter bunny vampire has a little tail (and everything),
  • It's understood that the vampire is ashamed of having bitten a chicken.



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